Siddhartha Foundation

Siddhartha Foundation UK draws its inspiration from the teachings of love and kindness that are at the heart of all the world’s religions and faiths. When we reach out to help and empower others less fortunate than ourselves, we reach beyond limited self-interest and thus bring compassion into action.

The core of the Siddhartha Foundation’s work is in Nepal, one of the six poorest countries in the world.

Following the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese, many thousands of Tibetan refugees have fled from their homeland and settled in Nepal over the last 50 years.
The teaching of Tibetan language and history is no longer allowed, and all syllabus content taught to children in Tibetan schools needs to be officially approved by Chinese administered authorities.

As a result Tibetan leaders in Nepal and India have struggled to preserve their ancient heritage and to educate the new generations of young Tibetans - not only in a modern ‘western’ way but embracing Tibetan language, history, cultural arts, and the spiritual practices that Tibetans perfected and that are now becoming so necessary in the west.Siddhartha was the name of the Indian prince, who some 2500 years ago, renounced the riches and the luxury of his regal life, to find his true self and the purpose of life.

Out of his realisation sprung a vast compassion for the suffering of all living beings and he became known as the Buddha or ‘enlightened one’. 

It is this sense of compassion and universal responsibility that makes the teachings of Siddhartha as important and as relevant today as they were centuries ago.

The Sangha is a name given to people who practise Buddhist principles of peace and meditation within their lives and form a worldwide family. It is our privilege to invite you to help us give aid and support to our Tibetan friends in Nepal, to give hope, meaning and purpose to a young person’s life and to truly put Compassion into Action.