History of The Siddhartha Foundation

Lama Khenpo Chimed Rinpoche, had a vision to create a school for orphaned children in Nepal. Particularly Tibetan and Nepalesse children, as they are so very poor, and often homeless. Siddhartha Foundation UK was set up in 2006 by a group of 5 friends who live in the county of Somerset and have been inspired by Lama Khenpo Chimed Rinpoche, a kind, wise, and compassionate Buddhist teacher from Kathmandu in Nepal.

Khenpo, as he is known to his friends and students, has brought peace and solace to many in both east and west with his Tibetan Buddhist teachings. 

At the same time, he has spread awareness of the plight of thousands of children of Tibetan origin in Nepal, where the extreme poverty prevents them from getting any form of education in their tradition. With the help of a few generous benefactors, Khenpo has purchased land near Kathmandu and has started construction of a school which will eventually be able to take in around 150 students.

Having seen the first buildings opened with an initial intake of 80 students, a decision was made to actively support the project, by setting up the Siddhartha Foundation UK to help fund the project on an ongoing basis. 

The original founders have worked skilfully to help the school to be developed. The new school has now been opened after 10yrs of dedicated support from the founders; the original founders have now moved on from being trustees - their support and wisdom are much appreciated.

Dechen Chodron, one of the original founders, is taking the foundation into the next phase.

A new website has been built, allowing people to now make donations directly through the site.

Donations will now go towards helping all the children in the school.

Particular areas of support, are listed under the heading school project.

Administration costs are kept to a minimum, maximising the number of your donations going straight into the welfare of the children in Nepal.