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Khenpo Rinpoche Chimed Tsering


The founder and current director of the Foundation in Nepal, Khenpo was born in 1967 in the Yolmo region of the Nepal Himalaya. 

His family being of Tibetan origin, he was brought up in the Buddhist tradition. At an early age he felt the calling to devote himself to a spiritual path, and throughout his life, he has strived to live and embody the teachings of the Buddha. 
Once his schooling was complete, he continued his studies for a further seven years at a Buddhist university in South India, and graduated with the title of Khenpo, equivalent to a doctorate in western terms. 

Since that time, Khenpo has taught Buddhism to students in many countries including the USA, England, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India, as well as his native Nepal.In 2001 he was appointed as government minister responsible for the welfare and administration of all the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Nepal.


Lama Khenpo Chimed Rinpoche 

This post carried great responsibility, and in the course of his duties, Khenpo travelled the length and breadth of this Himalayan kingdom where he witnessed first hand the terrible poverty and lack of resources that is blighting the lives of many of the country’s young people.In 2004 he resigned from his government position to fully devote his energies to helping the children from the border areas of Nepal and Tibet.  His wish has been to provide them with an education that helps them not only read and write and gain academic qualifications but also allows them the opportunity to maintain their rich culture and religion through the study of Tibetan art, heritage and language.

I really appreciate to Yolmo Khenpo Chimed Tsering for having vast faith and dedication to Buddha Dharma and establishing a Monastery and a School named (Palyul Dongag Shedrup Wosel Norbu Ling) According with the guidance of H.H Penor Rinpoche,Near Boudhanath Stupa,Katmandu,Nepal I also appreciate the Sangha community for studying widely and hardly on vast Philosophy of Sutra and Tantra at monastery. The transmission and insight of Buddha Dharma should preserved by the monastery itself and also important to practice it with pure meditation and practice. I believe through this monastery Buddha Dharma flourish and also strive to put their spiritual knowledge into practice not only for oneself but also for the sake of all the sentient beings.
I, the Dalai Lama am calling upon everyone to give possible effort and make this noble project come true.
With prayers for the fulfillment of all his noble wishes.
Shakyan Bikshu Tenzin Gyatso.
— Recommendation letter of HH Dalai Lama